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Timothy C. Hain, MD•Most recent update: May 10, 2023

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This page is a structured questionnaire to attempt to determine whether or not an individual has symptoms that might meet the criteria for persistent postural-perceptive dizziness, PPPD, as outlined by Dr. Staab and associates in the 2017 article referenced below. Material in quotes is copied directly from the 2017 article.

Disclaimer: This page is not a substitute for medical care, and by itself, it does not establish a diagnosis. It is not written for or appropriate for use in legal endeavors. Answers to questions are not stored. The content is drawn from this 2017 "consensus" paper of Staab et al, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Hain.

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Check symptoms you have had for 3 months or more, for more than 15 of every 30 days. You can check off more than one of these.

("non-motion sensations of disturbed or impaired spatial orientation ")
("false or distorted sensations of swaying, rocking, bobbing, or bouncing of oneself or similar sensations of movement of the surroundings."
("feelings of being unstable while standing or walking)"

Factors that exacerbate your symptoms. Again, you can check more than one of these.

("standing or walking")
or position"

Condition that "precipitated" the above symptoms.

("acute,episodic or chronic vestibular syndrome", examples: "peripheral or central vestibular disorders (25–30% of cases), attacks of vestibular migraine ")
" (examples: "concussive injuries of the brain or whiplash injuries of the neck")
" (examples: "cardiac dysrhythmias, adverse drug reactions")
" (examples: "panic attacks or anxiety that manifest prominent dizziness")

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Note that according to the 2017 paper referenced below, in addition to meeting the criteria above, which are listed as items A-C, there are two additional diagnostic criteria, which are judged by your health care provider:

There is sometimes overlap in symptoms between PPPD, VM and MdDS. For example, both PPPD and vestibular migraine include increased symptoms from visual stimulation in their symptom lists. Some patients meet the criteria for several of these symptom lists at the same time. Symptom calculators for these other entities are here MdDS calculatorVestibular migraine (VM) calculator.

More about PPPD can be found here. • We diagnose and treat PPPD in our clinical practice in Chicago.