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Timothy C. Hain, MD•Most recent update: May 10, 2023

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This calculator attempts to determine whether or not an individual has symptoms that might meet the criteria for MdDS, as outlined by Dr. Cha and associates in the 2020 article referenced below. Material in quotes is mainly copied directly from the 2020 article, but some of the quoted material was also taken from a similar 2017 "consensus" paper of Dr. Staab et al, regarding a different chronic dizziness condition (PPPD).

Disclaimer: The content, drawn from the 2020 MdDS "consensus" paper, does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Hain.This page is not a substitute for medical care, and by itself, it does not establish a diagnosis. It is not written for or appropriate for use in legal endeavors. Answers are not stored. If you wish to retain this result, please print or save this page.


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Dizziness includes the following "sensation present continuously or for most of the day". You can check more than one.


Event that "precipitated" (triggered) the above symptom(s).

" (such as a boat cruise)
A head injury such as a motor vehicle accident

Symptoms temporarily reduce with: (You can check more than one. )

(such as meclizine, or ibuprofen)

"Co-existing symptoms": (You can check more than one.)

Duration of symptoms (just one).


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Note that according to the 2020 paper referenced below, in addition to meeting the criteria above, which are listed as items A-D in the paper, there is one additional diagnostic criteria, which is determined by your health care provider:

This means that disorders like BPPV, migaine, Meniere's, vestibular neuritis, SCD, bilateral vestibular loss, or PPPD should not be also present and be a better explanation than MdDS.

Please see this page for our current treatment recommendations.