A Spontaneous OAE case:

Timothy C. Hain, MD• Page last modified: March 4, 2021Return to testing index

About 60% of normal hearing people have spontaneous OAEs. The following case provides an example of one picked up from the "noise" recording of the sweep OAE.

This DPOAE shows a strong spike in the noise floor (black) on the right ear at 4000 Hz.

SOAE audiogram

On this audiogram done about a month earlier, there is a "notch" in the hearing on the right, at the same place.

Presumably this means that either the OAE is interfering with hearing, or that there is a shared underlying cause for decreased hearing and this emission. SOAE's are not much associated with clinical conditions. There have been some suggestions that they can cause tinnitus (Cerenic et al, 1998; Penner, 1989; Montoya et al, 2007).