A Proposal for certification of vestibular testing and laboratories

Timothy C. Hain, MD

Emeritus Professor, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago IL, USA.

Dr. Hain has run many vestibular laboratories in the last 30 years including the laboratory at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (in Chicago), and a laboratory in his private practice at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing. He has written several articles on vestibular testing (see end). Dr. Hain is very familiar with all aspects of vestibular testing.

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Recently there has been an upsurge in vestibular testing fraud as well as an ongoing problem with poorly performed testing relevant to dizziness (see the blunders page). This a proposal of a mechanism to correct this problem.

Proposal for Certification of Vestibular Testing

Certification of vestibular laboratories -- required for billing

Certification procedure for vestibular testing technicians -- required for laboratory certification.