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The VENG test or Rotatory chair test you are scheduled for evaluates the balance function of the inner ear and brain. The ENG test takes approximately 1 hour. The Rotatory chair test, approximately 30 minutes. 

The procedures for both tests include (only done once):

For the VENG test, there is also

For the Rotatory chair test, there is also

Make Up:

Do not use any make-up on your face or eyes, as video-goggles will be used for eye tracking. It is much harder for the software to track the eyes if there is makeup.


Please do not eat for 4 hours prior to your appointment. If you must eat anyway (perhaps due to diabetes), please eat a light meal.


The following medications should not be taken 24 hours prior to an ENG/VENG recording.  If they are taken anyway, the report should note that they were taken so the interpreter of the test can take this into account.

Note that Ondansetron (a common nausea medication) does NOT interfere with vestibular testing and can be taken prior to an ENG. Note also that ideally medications used for anxiety, should not be taken within 24 hours, but in most cases they can be avoided for 8 hours as long as this is noted

Vestibular suppressants (avoid within 24 hours, but usually OK if within 8 hours)

Medications that don't matter to a great extent, but should be noted on the report.


Medications that should be continued

See also:  Drugs.html

After Testing:

Arrange for transportation or bring a driver.  After the VENG or Rotatory chair test, you may feel slightly tired or dizzy. If you are prone to migraines, sometimes migraines occur the next day.  Medications may be continued after the VENG is completed.