Historical figures of Neurotology/Otoneurology

Timothy C. Hain, M.D. Last updated on May 22, 2021

Otoneurology is a relatively new field (we are writing in 2020). The word is generally applied to persons who trained primarily in Neurology, who have chosen to study and care for disorders in "otology", or ear medicine. It serves to distinguish a similar group of physicians whose primary specialty is in otolaryngology and ear medicine (i.e. otologists), who nearly always are surgeons. There is no board certification (at least as yet) in otoneurology, but there are certainly a small group of individuals around the world (? maybe 50) who consider themselves otoneurologists.

A short story -- when I first came to Northwestern (in Chicago) in 1990, I told a local otologist that I was a "neurotologist". He said no, you are actually an "otoneurologist"

I suppose we are fortunate in having this easy to figure out nomenclature. A similar situation arises in "neuroophthalmology", or in other words, people with training both in neurology and ophthalmology. They do not have a word "ophthoneurologist". It sounds a bit peculiar because of the "o" between ophth and neurologist".

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