Seasonal Vertigo

Timothy C. Hain, MD  • Content last updated: March 7, 2021

Occasionally we encounter persons who have vertigo at the same month, year after year. These we term "seasonal vertigo".

The main possibilities are:

  1. Migraine -- in Chicago, migraines often occur in April and November. In the artic, there are more headaches during the light season. Cluster headaches are a migraine variant that often occurs during the same month, every year.
  2. Allergy -- in Chicago, we have more allergins in the air in April, and August.
  3. Seasonal affective disorder -- the lack of light during the winter months in Chicago can be depressing.


Often there is an attempt to start treatment a month prior to anticipated onset of symptoms. When we are not sure, we generally start with allergy medications, and if this fails, in the next year, use a migraine medication such as verapamil.


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