PPPD -- persistent postural perceptual dizziness

Comments on PPPD page emailed to me. These comments are not those of the author of the PPPD page, Dr. Hain, but rather were emailed through the dizzy-doc website. They have been minimally edited for spelling. The author did not wish to publish their name.

March 13, 2022

Regarding the PPPD section on your web page.

PPPD criteria are so all inclusive that anyone with dizziness can easily be diagnosed - both patients with say cardiac, neurologic and otoneurologic disease. No one is excluded - which makes it a poor diagnostic tool!
The presenters readily advocates that patients should be diagnosed even without a 3 month observation period and even in the presence of already diagnosed somatic disease like BPPV, arrhythmia, schwannoma, bilateral vestibulopathy etc.
So the criteria are not even to be met!!!
No good will come from this. In fact it will lead to inherent mistrust, misdiagnosis and complaints.
The diagnostic latency in many Inner Ear diseases is alarming. Now it will increase.
The patients are already at increased risk of falls and accidents. Would you want to fly with a pilot suffering from BPPV misdiagnosed as PPPD?
What about patients with schwannomas? Increased dizziness is observed with tumor growth.



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