Research trials for Tinnitus

Timothy C. Hain, MD. • Page last modified: October 1, 2022

Research on tinnitus 2022

Publications by year from PUBMED with tinnitus in the title.

As of early 2022, a visit to the National Library of Medicine's search engine, Pubmed, revealed more than 14,000 research articles with tinnitus in their title, published. In spite of this gigantic effort, effective treatment is generally unavailable.



Research on Research (really !)

Plein et al (2015) suggested that the quality of published studies concerning clinical trials for tinnitus were suboptimal, and in fact, only 20% of 147 had a low risk of bias. The author of this page feels happy that at least someone is doing trials on this difficult situation ! Any kind of trial is better than no effort at all.

Deshpande and Deshpande reported in 2022, "Thirty-two peer-reviewed articles met all inclusion criteria. Of the included studies, approximately 96% reported participants' gender. Approximately 15% studies reported race/ethnicity information in alignment with the U.S. Census Bureau. However, an underrepresentation of both females and people of color was evident across studies. " It seems apparent that authors hold that studies should be "in alignment with the U.S. Census Bureau". Our thought is that we are grateful that studies are being done.