Questionnaires for for Tinnitus


Timothy C. Hain, MD. • Page last modified: November 15, 2015

As tinnitus as well as hyperacusis are generally a subjective phenomena, perceptible to the sufferer but not the clinician, there have been many attempts to quantify tinnitus using questionnaires. The purpose of this page is to provide access to the most common surveys.

As a general comment, these lists of questions are just lists of questions -- they don't have the same meaning as, for example, a blood test or brains scan. They are vulnerable to exaggeration, malingering, bias in some situations, and of course are very much related to the cognitive state of the individual taking the questions. There are so many of these lists of questions, that there are now papers concerninc comparing one list to another. Seems a little silly. Drawing inferences from these lists of questions is subject to the same general considerations as when an attorney is taking a deposition -- is the person telling the truth ? Are they consistent ? Are they using words in the same way that everyone else uses words ?