Lipoma of the Corpus Callosum

Timothy C. Hain, MD.• Page last modified: March 27, 2021

Sagittal T1 -- the white streak in the middle is the lipoma.

Overview of lipoma of the corpus callosum

The corpus callosum is a band of white matter that interconnects the two halves of the cerebral cortex. The lipoma of the CC is a rare congenital malformation. Most of these are found incidentally. They are bright on T1 MRI. Lipomas of the CC have very little clinical significance.

There are a few reports of other lesions. Other malformations such as aneurysms in the midline can be associated with intracranial lipomas(Yildiz et al, 2006). The Pai syndrome is a rare disease with a cleft lip, facial polyps, nasal polyps and a lipoma of the corpus callosum (Ocak et al, 2013). Seizures are rarely reported in association with CC lipomas (Van de Velde, 2010).

A related disorder involving another corpus callosum abnormality is the cavum septum pellucidum.