Progressive Bilateral Vestibular Loss (PBVL) -- case 2

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Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified: September 19, 2020

A man in his 30's complained of oscillopsia (seeing the world move when the head is turned). Vestibular testing at that time documented very substantial vestibular loss -- his rotatory chair test showed poor gain and increased phase at all frequencies. There was no question at all that he has partial bilateral loss. Hearing was almost normal. cVEMP testing was normal.

Progression of bilateral loss
Initial VHIT
First VHIT test -- patient had oscillopsia.
Progression of bilateral loss
2nd VHIT
Second VHIT test -- 6 months from first.
Progression of bilateral loss
Third VHIT
Third VHIT test -- 1 year from first.


The three VHIT tests done above show worsening, in both ears, over 12 months.

Progress loss summary

This summary graph (made using R) shows it another way.