Physical Conditioning for patients undergoing VRT

This page is primarily intended to be a reference for patients who have been referred for therapy. 

Timothy C. Hain, MD • Page last modified: March 18, 2022

Patients undergoing VRT should not neglect their general physical status. We generally recommend doing one or more of the following, three times a week:


A treadmill is generally the most available and safe method of exercising for a dizzy person. If there is danger of falling in these activities, modification may be needed. Although treadmill activities are safe, they are not as beneficial to balance as "real world" activities such as walking a mile outside, because real world activities transfer better to activities of daily life.

More vigorous activities are more beneficial than sedentary activities, for balance. Obviously, walking is better than sitting. Tai chi is better than walking. Akido is better than Tai Chi. As activities become more vigorous, they are also more likely to cause injury. This is why a coach (such as a physical therapist or trainer) can be helpful.