Patient comments about Meniett:

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These comments derive from people who emailed me and gave permission for me to post their email.

Email #1

At 12:54 PM 9/2/2006

Having read your comments on the effectiveness of the Meniett device, I wanted to share my experiences with it.
I've had Meniere's Disease for about 9 years. I've been told it is "atypical Meniere's" as it is characterized usually by a constant  and persistant disequilibrium rather than severe vertigo attacks.  I obtained the Meniett about 3 years ago.
The improvement was extremely slow and very gradual, so much so that I honestly could not tell it had really helped until I stopped using it.  I now know that if I do not use the machine at least every third day, I can feel a difference in my balance.  I can also tell that my ears begin a gradual difference in the feeling of "fullness" and pressure increases ultimately to the point of mild pain.
It is not a miracle but it does help the symptoms.  I had already received ventilation tubes the previous year, and those helped to equalize pressure.  Before the tubes were placed, whenever the atmospheric pressure changed, my balance changed as well.  That procedure was very beneficial in terms of comfort and decreased nausea and pain.
The Meniett device is definitely responsible for my being able to re-enter the work force.  I am fairly sure I would not be able to work a full time schedule without it