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Definitions. This the group that decides what symptoms are needed for someone to be categorized as "migraine".

Migraine causes:

Migraine accompaniments involving hypersensitivity

Migraine in children

Migraine and dizziness or vertigo or hearing symptoms



Migraine treatment (also see subcategories) -- as a general comment, almost nothing works all the time, and migraine is really a collection of symptoms, not a disease.

Anticonvulsants -- these are often effective

Oxcarbazepine (probably ineffective)
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Topiramate (somewhat effective)

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Valproate (Depakote) and Lamotrigine (Lamicgal);

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Antidepressants (generally SSRI or SNRI) -- often effective

Tricyclics (amitriptyline, nortriptaline, clomipramine)

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Venlafaxine and other SNRI's (Duloxetine)

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Various agents probably not effective

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beta blockers -- effective with side effects

Botox -- occasionally effective at great cost.

Calcium channel blockers (verapamil, flunarizine, nimodipine, gabapentin) -- in special situations

CGRP blockers

Dopamine blockers (haloperidol and relatives, flunarizine, quetiapine) -- in special situations

NMDA inhibitors (e.g. memantine) -- we are dubious that these work.

Simvastatin+vitamin D -- we are dubious that this works.

Triptans -- often effective

Rebound headache

Migraine and Meniere's disease

Migraine and psychiatric disease

White matter lesions in migraine

Risk of other serious neurological illness: