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Going from through ear structures from the periphery to the central structures

External, Middle and Inner Ear

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External Ear:

Middle Ear

The Eustachian Tube


Inner Ear

MRI of the inner ear
Normal MRI of inner ear lateral sc

MRI now provides considerable detail about the inner ear. The MRI above is done exactly at the level of the 8th (inner ear) nerve. It shows the nerves on both sides emerging from the brainstem, with the cochlea in front, and the vestibule behind.

The semicircular canals are not seen on this picture.

One cut above the MRI on the left is this image. Here, one can see the lateral semicircular canal (the partial rings). The cochlea is no longer seen as it is lower. The vertical canals are also not seen as they span several "cuts".  The can be seen in full with MRI's that are rotated so that the cuts are oriented in the planes of the canals. 


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