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Wii "fit" for balance rehabilitation

This page is primarily intended to be a reference for patients who have been referred for therapy. 

Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified: October 4, 2009

The Nintendo "Wii" is a novel video-gaming device that is a useful adjunct to vestibular rehabilitation therapy. The "Wii" is very well suited to rehabilitation because rather than interacting with a computer keyboard or "mouse", users wave around a "Wii-mote" (see image below left) which is shown on the TV as something actually moving - -such as a tennis racket, etc.

nintendo wii

The "Wii-fit" program is a recent addition to the "Wii" stable of programs, and incorporates a balance board that can be used for training.

Balance games include



wii-balance wii-balance
Wii Balance board Person standing on balance board

So far, there are no studies of the Wii for vestibular rehabilitation (we are planning one), but we think that it is likely to be very good. There are always safety issues with balancing exercises, and this device is no exception.

One of our patients who had had a labyrinthectomy for Meniere's disease wrote to us:



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