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Chicago Area Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Timothy C. Hain, MD

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There are several vestibular physical therapists in the Chicago metropolitan area that have spent some time in our practice at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, and to whom we may refer patients.

We do not presume to say that only people who we have observed or trained are capable of doing VRT in the Chicago area, but these are the people we know.


Bart Tuluki, D.P.T. Chicago Dizziness and Hearing
Rupangi Patel, PT Physical Therapy Solutions of Schaumberg IL.
Tom Lenz, P.T. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago IL.
Michele Kehrer, PT, DPT Lifestyle PT, Chicago Il.
Tammy Ostrowski, P.T. Provena St. Marys Hospital, Kankakee, IL

A much larger list of individuals who have indicated competence in vestibular rehabilitation can be obtained from the Vestibular Disorders Association. These are people who have volunteered to be on the VEDA list.


Chicago Area Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
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